Dalaw-Turo Trainers’ Training

The Dalaw-Turo (DT) was conceptualized in 1989 by a small group of Protected Area and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) employees as a tool for Information Education Communication (IEC) press16 2016onbiodiversity conservation. It is non-traditional and non-formal that makes use of folk media like street theatre, creative workshops and exhibits, ecological tours and environmental games. It employs participatory approach in raising public awareness on biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Moreover, it makes the learning about environment more audience friendly. It started as a stage play entitled “Hiyaw ng Kalikasan” which means ‘cry of nature’ and soon named as “Lakbay-Hiyaw ng Kalikasan” since the performers started to go to various places around the country to perform. The Lakbay-Hiyaw ng Kalikasan presents their play during the celebration of the DENR’s Environment Month and became a project. It was brought to schools (the target audience are elementary students) and local communities nearby Protected Areas (PAs) in 1992. Later on, it was renamed as “Dalaw-Turo” and it made use of environmental skits, complemented by lectures and open forum where panel of experts were invited to answer questions on issues and concerns besetting the environment.

To upkeep the Dalaw-Turo project and capacitate its teams to effectively and efficiently implement Dalaw-Turo, PENRO-Dinagat conducted a three-day Dalaw-Turo Trainers’ Training last July 26-28, 2016 at the DENR-PENRO PDI Training Center, P-2 Sta.Cruz, San Jose, Dinagat Islands.

On July 26, 2016, at exactly 7:30 in the morning, Forester Rafaela A. Deles facilitated the registration of participants. A total of twenty-five (25) attendees participated on the said training. The participants comprising Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office-Dinagat, Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB), and Community Environment and Natural Resources Office-Surigao Del Norte personnel. The training was formally opened with an invocation by Forester Rafaela Deles followed by the singing of national anthem conducted by Forester Ilyn Orella. Thereafter, Forester Nathaniel E. Racho, Chief of Technical Services Division, welcomed the resource speakers and trainees. The resource speakers were Mrs. Lanie Mabana and Ms. Dely Rubio of the Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB). Aside from them, Ms. Marife Macalisang, who came from DENR-CENRO Surigao del Norte had joined the training as a resource speaker and a trainee. After acknowledging the participants, a short ‘getting to know each other’ was done by determining the strengths and weaknesses of the participants through sharing/pairing. Afterwards, Forester Romel Arbolonio discussed what Dinagat Islands Conservation Program (DICP) is all about – when it was conceptualized, its objectives, and the areas covered by DICP. Aside from that, Forester Arbolonio also cited the endemic species present in the islands.

The scaling down of Issues and Problems on IEC and Field extension activities immediately followed. At this juncture, the participants were divided into three (3) groups that represents the three important elements that every living organism on earth needed to survive namely Hangin (Air), Tubig (Water), and Lupa (Earth). The participants were tasked to discuss any issues and concerns that they have noticed that are happening within the Islands of Dinagat that affects the element they represent. Afterwards, was the discussion of the historical background of Dalaw-Turo by Mrs. Lanie Mabana and Ms. Dely Rubio and followed by the State of the Coastal and Marine Resources: Philippines in Focus by Ms. Marife Macalisang. Then a lecture regarding the usage of environmental games and biodiversity skits in Dalaw-Turo by Mrs. Lanie Mabana and Ms. Dely Rubio and later on the participating teams were tasked to make their own environmental games and skits and presented it to everyone. The purpose of the activity is to discover new environmental games and skits that would be a useful tool in DT lectures.

On July 27, 2016, an exercise facilitated by Mrs. Lanie Mabana and Ms. Dely Rubio was done around 6:00 am at PENRO-PDI ground. Then at 9:30 am, the trainers’ training team (trainees together with the resource speakers) headed to Barangay Hall of Brgy. Sta. Cruz, San Jose, PDI to conduct a Community Dalaw-Turo and apply what they had learned from the discussions on day one. The said activity was successfully done with the participation of 19 participants comprising 7 males and 12 females and ended by letting the participants answer the post evaluation sheets. In the afternoon, the Dalaw-Turo Trainers’ Training team proceeded to Sta. Cruz Elementary School to conduct again a Dalaw-Turo activity but this time the participants were students. It was made possible with the assistance of the teachers and 42 students comprising 15 male students and 27 female students. The activity started as the students answers the Pre-test, this is to discern the students’ knowledge on the issues and concerns regarding the environment and ended with the answering of post evaluation sheets.

On July 28, 2016, was the critiquingof the training conducted. This is to attest and enhance the DT Trainers’ Training participants’ performances throughout the training activity. Comments and suggestions are as follows:

  • Each question must be explained well to the students/participants for easy comprehension.
  • Translation of the questions to Cebuano should be considered.
  • Concept of the questions must fit to the area being assessed.
  • Observe time management; no gaps during discussions.
  • Additional speaker; each must have their own role in the activity.
  • Make lesson plan before going to different school/community.
  • Solve problem such as lack of personnel attending to DT.
  • Skits and environmental games being used in the activities are effective mechanism of presenting scenarios where the audience can easily comprehend.

After the raising of comments and suggestions was the distribution of certificate of appreciation to the trainees and certificate of commendation to the resource speakers. It was then formally ended with a closing remarks by Forester Romel Arbolonio the Focal Person of DICP.


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