DENR-PENRO Dinagat conducts Action Planning Workshop on Sustainable Integrated Area Development and Management for Gibusong Island

       The Department of press21 2016Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has launched a special program called Sustainable Integrated Area Development and Management Program (SIADMP) that aims to improve the lives of marginalized communities, making them self-sustaining in a well-protected environment.  The program highlights the need for cooperation among all stakeholders (civil society organizations, academe, networks of environmentalists, private sector and government agencies) for an integrated and holistic development and management of the identified “priority areas”.   

There are 29 priority areas of SIADMP in the country and out of these, two (2) are in Caraga Region.  These are Cantilan, Surigao del Sur and Gibusong Island, Loreto, Province of Dinagat Islands. 

For Gibusong Islands, which is under the area of jurisdiction of PENRO-DInagat Islands, series of activities were already conducted that would aid in the formulation of an integrated and comprehensive development and management plan of the area. Believing that enough information is already available to prepare an integrated/comprehensive plan for Gibusong Island, PENRO-PDI facilitated the conduct of a two-day action planning on November 10-11, 2016 at DENR PENRO- Dinagat Islands Training Center. The activity was attended by a total of 50 participants coming from the different line agencies and/or their provincial counterparts, congressional office of Hon. Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao, concerned Provincial and Municipal LGUs, CSOs, private sector, local officials of Brgys. Helen, Liberty, and Magsaysay (Gibusong Island barangays) and people’s organization.

The main objective of the activity is to formulate a comprehensive development and management plan for Gibusong Islands, Loreto, Province of Dinagat Islands.  Specifically, it aims to present the area profile of Gibusong Island including issues and concerns gathered during the conduct of FGD last Nov. 8, 2016 at Gibusong Islands, present the Strength, Weakness, Threats and Opportunities (SWOT) of Gibusong Islands, formulate goals and objectives, identify program/projects/activities including performance indicators, and encourage support from the different stakeholders in the implementation of SIADMP.

The said activity started at around 9:15 in the morning and was officially opened with an acknowledgement of the participants and a welcome message given by OIC, PENR Officer, Agapito T. Patubo explaining that the SIADMP is materialized for the reason that it is in line to President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s intent to adopt convergence approach in planning and implementation of development programs.

         DENR Caraga Regional Director, Nonito M. Tamayo shared his idea on the implementation of the program. He said, “Under the leadership of DENR Secretary Regina Paz Lopez, the mandate of DENR should always be anchored on the principles of the truth, service, and common good.” He then mentioned that, “DENR Sec. Gina Paz Lopez wanted is for us to identify pilot sites areas to start with to show her ideal community for most of the community areas in the Philippines. The reason for including the other line agencies and local government units is because she wanted to have convergence in order to encourage support for the program.”

The following were the topics/activities highlighted during the two-day action planning: (1) Activity overview by Forester Rosalie Gonzaga; (2) Presentation of the Background on Sustainable Integrated Area Development Management Program and Gross National Happiness by Mr. Mario Eludo; (3) Presentation of Area Profile of Gibusong Islands, Loreto, Dinagat Islands by Forester Dennis Bañacia; (4) Presentation and Validation of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) by Forester Romel Arbolonio; (5) Action Planning: Setting of Goals and Objectives, Identification of Appropriate Interventions/Programs, Identification of Performance Indicators  facilitated by Forester Rosalie I. Gonzaga, Forester Romel B. Arbolonio and Forester Rachel Y. Sapid; (6) Presentation of Workshop Outputs.

There were raised issues, concerns and recommendations after the presentation of workshop outputs. And ended with a closing remarks by Forester Nathaniel Racho appreciating the participants on their valuable contributions and efforts for the realization of the proposed convergence activities for Gibusong Islands and announced that another round of consultation with the partners will be scheduled to refine/review the outputs.  

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